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Confidence is not a four letter word and is not a bad thing to have! Trust Me!
Confidence leads to determination and perseverance!
Want to live your Best Life? 

Have you been trying and it’s just not changing?
Let’s talk......​
I’ve been through it all and still I am standing but what works for me won’t work for you. I am not a therapist and won’t tell you how you screwed up and how you can’t do something. Or blame your circumstances or parents for your problems. I will help you find you and be the best damn you that you can be. No excuses!
I have made it in life and I’m living my best life with these practices. I practice what I teach!

My story💋👇 Just a few
❤️ Watched my dad die as a child from a gunshot wound.
❤️ Married early and Husband cheated on me so I divorced him.
❤️ Single parent and raised my children by myself.
❤️ Put myself back through College Graduated with Honors and became the poster Child for the Program @ASU. First person in my Family to Graduate from College.

❤️ My Son Alec Passed away in his sleep when he was only 13 years old! Hardest thing in my life that I had to overcome.
❤️ Broke and No Money. Living pay check to paycheck after Alec died I didn’t work for a while. I barely had enough money to have my son cremated that he literally came home to me in a box because after paying for his cremation and memorial services I had no money for an urn. Not a great feeling but grieving that hard you are not able to function enough to actually work. I had to pull myself together and take care of my daughter.
❤️ Tired of working for the man making others rich. So I started my own Business and it’s still thriving.

❤️ Best shape of my life. I cycle everyday.
❤️ Debt Free Living
❤️ I truly am living my Best Life because I learned early in life that we are not promised tomorrow.
Not just existing but actually making a difference and making this life count.

It’s not what happens to us. It’s how we react to it!
After all I have been through I never turned to drugs or alcohol. I turned to myself and pulled myself from the trenches and overcame it all.
Live Your Best Life Now!
Day One ☝️ OR One Day. Only you decide.
Melissa Chipps 🌹WingWoman4hire