Get off  the damn boat! 

Why is it that people just accept what others tell them?

Recently while on a trip to Italy and France I was on a sailboat. This is the first time I’ve ever stayed on a sailboat or actually lived on a boat in the ocean. I ended up getting seasick and felt miserable the other people on the boat with me kept saying give it a couple more days you’ll feel better.

My question is why would I stay on the boat feeling nauseous and crappy when all I had to do was step off the boat on to land?

 I feel like in life or adventures or vacations or trips or work or family or finances the question is why stay on the boat if it makes you sick?

Why not ask why?

why do we just accept it the way it is given to us? 

I have always been the one to ask why.............. and maybe that’s annoying but I want to know why is it done that way and can it be done a better another way.

Why stay on the boat when you’re sick when simply all you have to do is step off the boat onto land and it goes away. I did get off the boat after three days when I was supposed to stay on the boat longer than a week. 

I ended up having adventures on land and making the best of it.  Adaptability and patience is key when traveling.   

Why do people stay in relationships because it’s uncomfortable leaving the relationship? 

Why do people stay in  jobs that they’re not happy with?

Because it’s not comfortable leaving that comfort zone and trying new things.

So I ask you why not just get off the damn boat?

So the following is the story and adventure of traveling through Europe. I visited France and Italy in the Summer of 2019. OH what  an amazing experience it was and I applied life experiences to keep me sane while traveling. Tips and Tricks to help you adapt. 

Travel Blog with Life Experiences attached. 


​Exploring #Jacksonville 
Stumbled across this beautiful fountain called Friendship fountain. It was raining all evening but a little rain never hurt anyone. 

Friendship Fountain 
Situated at the west end of the Southbank Riverwalk adjacent to the Museum of Science and History is Friendship Fountain. Dedicated in 1965, it is one of the largest self-contained fountains built, pumping 3,500 to 6,500 gallons of water per minute to a height of 100 feet, with 265 lights molding the water into a sparkling mist. 
In 2010, the City of Jacksonville broke ground on park improvements. 

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Juniper Springs Florida

Springs hopping with mini me. 
Juniper Springs by far has the prettiest water and amazing hiking. 
The swimming hole is deep but beautiful. 
Went through the Old Mill House. 
Hiked the trail to the end and the water is the brightest blue it looks fake. 
This springs is more for older kids and adults I would say. 
Not as populated and plenty of parking. 
I am a tree fanatic and I was in heaven here. 
Had several dragon flies land on me and refuse to leave. 

Also find the Springs Boils here too. #Amazing 
Mommy Daughter Fun Day