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I have curves and I love it! Stop #bodyshamingother girls! Love the body you are in! We are all different and unique that is what makes us who we are. I love me and I am far from perfect 👌! I am not skinny but I am damn healthy! I am in my best shape living my best life! I have Curves and I embrace them. The difference is I don’t care if you judge me and my confidence outweighs your hate! But with some people they take that hate to heart ❤️ So Stop 🛑 hating. Girls don’t let others dictate your happiness and just own it! So this is me saying look 👀 at me because my light is white, bright and baby no one will ever diminish it! #confidence #curves #loveyourbody#bodypositive #nohate #ownit #positivity#motivation
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