Sometimes we need gentle reminders of how far we have came.
How we sometimes get stuck in situations and not happy but still we carry on.
A friend sent me this picture from a Christmas party several years ago. When I look at this picture I see a broken woman that was struggling to handle the tragedy that was dealt to her but I also see a woman that has picked herself up and dusted those knees off more times that I can count.
Life gives us many lessons and some are way harder than others. It’s how we pick ourselves up and keep going that matters!
Not only was I overweight but I was in a relationship that was not working because I felt obligated to take care of him. I was working for a business that didn’t appreciate me nor did they take care of their customers.
At some point I woke up one day and quit that job and started my own business. Which was scary as hell as a single parent raising a child and the only bread winner for the home.
Ended that relationship but with love. I bought him a car and found him a great job bc I wanted to set him up for success.
I knew I wanted more and deserved more.
I also took a long hard look in the mirror [πŸͺž] and knew I was not happy within. So at that point I knew a lot had to change.
The changes are slow or fast you either rip the bandaid off or you slowly peel it off put it back peel it again etc.....
Changes are all in the detail and consistency will get you to the goal.
Andrew Trotter
for the memory he is also in the pic. I am so proud of you and your weight loss as well you are an inspiration.
Memories sometimes are hard but this year marks 10 years that Alec went to heaven. December 17th 2010 my life changed so hard and fast that I lost myself but 10 years later I can confidently say that I found myself.
I know my son would be proud of me. Sure I could be on drugs or drinking all the time to numb the pain but I took the hard road and handled it the best I could on my own without any liquor or drugs.
I however have found a new addiction in the last 4 years that I love more and more each day and that is cycling. 2020 has been hell but I cycled over 8000 miles and completed my very first century solo ride in just over 6 hours. My health is better than ever I have a RHB of 40bpm. I have lots of energy and feel absolutely amazing. I’m far from perfect and still have improvements to go.
So if I can do it so can you!! Much love



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Some days are Great but some days are not!
We have to just stand steady through the hard tim
es and push through.
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Live a Real Happy Life on your own terms not anyone else’s opinions and judgements.
[πŸ’―] You are Worth It [πŸ’―]
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